Councilman Chad Marti

I was born in Wooster Ohio in 1972. I moved to Doylestown in 1997 and have lived here with my wife and 4 children for 16 years.

I have shown loyalty to my community by serving 10 years with the Doylestown Police Department, a member of the Doylestown American Legion, and in my current role as Village councilman. Along with membership to the Legion, I am also an active 4 year trustee of the Wayne County Fraternal Order of Police and a member of the Wooster Elks lodge.
I currently work full time for the software company Tufin Technologies, based in Tel Aviv Israel, where I am the Director of Technical Service’s for the Americas. My career in Information Technology began 16 years ago at the Doylestown Telephone Company where I worked for the business unit and helped the company to expand into other regions across NE Ohio.

I also continue to serve and protect by working part time at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. I am a hardworking, proud, and active member of the county and town I live in, putting family and community above everything else.

I currently chair the Property, Personnel & Finance Committee and the Health &
Wellness Committee, and serve on the Safety Committee and Park Board.