Cemetery Information

Cemetery Location(s)
The Village maintains Chestnut Hill Cemetery, located at Dogwood Trail and Elmwood Drive. For information call Dan Marshall.

Cemetery Services

  • Locating interred individuals
  • Planning your cemetery needs
  • Genealogical information


No wreaths or plastic flowers will be left on the grave sites during mowing season. Plastic flowers may be left on the grave sites from November 1 through April 15, after which they will be discarded: 

  • No pots or glass containers are to be left on the grave sites at any time.
  • No shrubs, trees or bushes will be planted or left on the grave sites.
  • No external shepherd hooks, stands, statuary items or knick knacks shall be left on the grave sites.
  • No flags larger than a staff of 24" high, with no flag larger than 22" x 16" in width and length.
  • Live planting and solar lights may be used within 1 foot of the front of the headstone.
  • Should any monument marker, effigy, decoration, ornament, enclosure, planting or other object or structure be erected, or placed in or around or upon any lot which the Trustees may deem improper, injurious or unsightly, it may cause the same to be removed.
  • Any additional or second monument on a grave must be ground level.
  • No more than two remains on a single grave, or one regular burial and one cremain.

Other Cemeteries in Doylestown include:

Saint Peter and Paul Church, 161 W.Clinton Street, has a cemetery. For information call the rectory at (330) 658-2145, or go to their website by clicking on the church name.

Emanuel United Church of Christ, 16 Eastern Road, has a cemetery.  For information call 330-658-2301, or go to their website by clicking on the church name.