2023/2024 Ordinances Not Codified


2023-21 Ordinance Amending the 2023 Certificate of Estimated Resources 7/12/23    
2023-22 Ordinance Amending the 2023 Appropriation Ord. 2023-08 7/12/23    
2023-23 Resolution Transferring Money from the General Fund to Street Fund as Budgeted 8/16/23    
2023-24 Resolution Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying them to the County Auditor 8/16/23    
2023-25 Resolution Allowing the Fiscal Officer to Transfer Monies from the Following Appropriated Lines Outside the Legal Level of Control 8/16/23    
2023-26 Ordinance Amending the 2023 Appropriation Ord. 2023-08 9/20/23    
2023-27 Ordinance Vacating Unnamed Alleys Within the Village of Doylestown 9/20/23    
2023-28 Ordinance An Ordinance to Approve the Editing and Inclusions of Certain Ordinances as Part of the Various Component Codes of the Codified Ordinances; To Approve, Adopt and Enact New Matter in the Codified Ordinances; To Repeal Ordinance and Resolutions in Conflict Therewith; and to Declare an Emergency 10/4/23    
2023-29 Ordinance Amending Certain Subsections of Chapter 1321 of Part Thirteen of the Building Code 11/2/23    
2023-30 Ordinance Amending Chapter 505 Animals and Fowl by Amending Section 505.16 (b) and adding new section 505.17 11/2/23    
2023-31 Ordinance Amending Chapter 1333 Captioned Weed Control by Removing the Dates Referenced in Section 1333.01 (b) 11/2/23    
2023-32 Ordinance Amending ORD. 2023-02 11/15/23    
2023-33 Ordinance Establishing Wages for Village Employees 12/20/23    
2023-34 Ordinance 2024 Temporary Appropriation Ordinance 12/6/23    
2023-35 Resolution Village of Doylestown Adopting the 2023 Wayne County Hazard Mitigation Plan 12/6/23    
2023-36 Ordinance Amending ORD. 2015-35 (Income Tax Ordinance) 12/6/23    
2023-37 Ordinance To Rescind Ord. 2016-02 Passed 2/3/16 and to Create a Revised Grinder Pump Maintenance Policy for the Village of Doylestown 12/6/23    
2023-38 Ordinance Amending the 2023 Appropriations ORD. 2023-08 12/20/23    
2023-39 Ordinance Amending the Existing Section 6 - Credit for Tax Paid by Residents to Other Municipalities of the VOD per ORD. 2023-36 12/20/23    
2024-01 Ordinance Establishing Wages for Village Elected Officials 1/3/24    
2024-02 Resolution Authorizing the Fiscal Officer to Apply for Early Release of Real Estate Tax Revenue 1/3/24    
2024-03 Resolution Authorizing the Disposition of Property Unneeded, Obsolete or Unfit for Municipal Purposes by Internet Auction Sale 1/3/24    
2024-04 Ordinance Authorizing Administrator to Apply for, Accept and Enter Into an Agreement with OWDA Gates Street Resurfacing and Waterline Replacement Project 1/17/24    
2024-05 Ordinance Amending ORD. 2023-33 1/17/24    
2024-06 Ordinance Amending ORD. 2023-33 1/17/24    
2024-07 Ordinance Amending the 2024 Certificate of Estimated Resources 2/21/24    
2024-08 Ordinance 2024 Permanent Appropriation Ordinance 2/21/24