Doylestown Park System

The Village of Doylestown presently offers three beautiful parks. They are open during daylight hours or as legally posted. Other than guide dogs; no other pets or alcoholic beverages are permitted on the grounds. 

Doylestown Memorial Park

The largest and accommodates many activities. The main entrance is on Gates Street , where off street, angle parking is available as well as a parking lot with handicapped accessibility. Kohler Street and Hilltop Dr. provides another entrance and Portage Street provides three entrances. 

There are two pavilions available for gatherings. Pavilion No. 1 is located near the Gates Street entrance and Pavilion No. 2 is located at the upper end of the park with access from Koehler Street and Hilltop Drive . Water, electricity, charcoal grills, restrooms, trash receptacles, and play areas are provided. Tennis courts are available as well as basketball courts enabled by a Nature Works Grant. Rental fees are used for park maintenance. Pavilion reservations are required and may be booked up to one year in advance. July and August are the busiest months. 

A six week Summer Recreation Program is offered to Village and Township residents during June and July at Memorial Park.  

Chippewa Local School District maintains a track, football field, stadium, restroom and locker room facility inside Memorial Park. 

Doylestown Baseball Association provides financial support for the maintenance of the baseball fields, bleachers, and other facilities. 

Gilcrest Park

Named in tribute to Dr. Philip N. Gilcrest. Picnic tables, grills, trash receptacles, and playground equipment are provided by the Village of Doylestown . It is a small park located in the Northwood Development on Woodhaven. 

Paridon Park

A tribute to the Paridon families and their contributions to the community. It is a small park with picnic tables, grills, trash receptacles and swings for children. It is located on Park Drive , near Village Hall. 

Four Corners at the square in the center of Doylestown are highlighted by an 80 foot flagpole and a statue of a WWI Doughboy erected at the center of the intersection of Portage and Clinton Streets. Cannons, benches, Village Hall, and a bandstand are accommodated on these corners as well as many community activities through out the year. While a summer concert series occurs at the bandstand, the square is the central location for the Memorial Day observance,  the Rouges' Hollow Festival in August, Halloween festivities and Christmas at the Square.  

Gene Daniel Community Center 
State Issue I, Nature Works Project, civic organizations and citizens provided the funding for the construction of Doylestown's community center at 470 Park Drive . 

On July 5, 1999 , in memory of and as a tribute to Gene Daniel for the long and dedicated service to the village, the community center building was dedicated and designated as the Gene Daniel Community Center . Such designation is made apparent on and in the community Center as a permanent memorial. 

The Gene Daniel Community Center is operated and maintained by the Village of Doylestown . This beautiful log structure can facilitate up to 100 guests. Reservations for the use of the facility are made through the Administrative Clerk Joyce Shaw located in the Doylestown Police Department.  For information, call 330.658.2181    ext. 1120, between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Gazebo Downtown
The idea for Doylestown to erect a Gazebo downtown began within the Doylestown Garden Club members.  With funds from the Garden Club selling brick pavers, and the donation of proceed from the Lions Club Rose sale in 2009, as well as Village funding, the Gazebo was built beside the library and was dedicated on October 18, 2009.