Park Board

Regular Meetings

  • 6:00 p.m.
  • The second Wednesday of every month
  • Village Hall
    24 S. Portage Street
    Doylestown, OH  44230


  • Mike Kiel
  • Linda Haller
  • Terry Lindeman, Mayor

About the Board

To provide the parks and recreation chair with advice and recommendations on all policies, rules, and regulations relating to public parks and recreation programs. The parks and recreation committee may act as a public forum for citizens to address concerns over village parks and recreation activities. The parks and recreation committee shall provide advisory oversight of public playgrounds and other facilities and activities on property owned or controlled by the village and designated as a public park, or on other properties with the consent of the owners and authorities thereof. The parks and recreation committee shall assist the village council as needed or requested. Under certain circumstances and when deemed appropriate by the village council and/or parks and recreation chair, the parks and recreation committee may review requests for permits and make a recommendation relative to said requests for use and/or reservation of village parks or village park facilities.