What is Tree City USA?

I’m sure most of you have seen somewhere along your travels, as you enter different cities, towns or villages, a proudly displayed sign stating: “Tree City USA”. These humble proclamations might not be the seeds of tourism, but I believe you will see as I did that they say to visitors: “Hey, look at us. Welcome to our shaded avenues; we were hoping you’d stop by!” 

Tree City USA was created in 1976 as a joint bicentennial project of the National Arbor Day Foundation (NADF), The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service, and The National Association of State Foresters.  Tree City USA helped expand the concept of Arbor Day from tree planting to total tree care.  The Foundation, Forest Service, and state foresters recognized a serious need in America’s towns and cities, for more and better tree care.  Together, they designed and launched a community improvement program to meet that need and to improve the level of tree care in communities.  
In order for a community to qualify as a Tree City USA, they must comply with the following four standards: 

  1. It must establish a Tree Board or Department run by a professional forester, arborist, an entire forestry department, or a volunteer tree board must be legally responsible for the care and management of the community’s trees.  
  2. It must pass a Tree Care Ordinance that designates the establishment of a tree board or forestry department and gives this body the responsibility for writing and implementing an annual community forestry work plan.  Beyond that, the ordinance should be flexible enough to fit the needs and circumstances of the particular community.  A tree ordinance provides an opportunity to set good policy and back it with the force of law when necessary.  
  3. It must establish a community forestry program with an annual budget of at least $2 per capita with evidence that the community has established a community forestry program that is supported by that annual budget. 
  4. It must organize an Arbor Day observance and proclamation with a simple tree planning event or an award ceremony that honors leading tree planters.  

Nearly eighty million people live in or near a Tree City USA community, and The Village of Doylestown has been a proud member since 1984.  

I would like to thank our Shade Tree Committee that selflessly volunteers their time so that the Village of Doylestown can continue to be a Tree City USA proud member.

Mayor Terry L. Lindeman