Building Department

As of January 1, 2014 The Wayne County Building Department will be handling the Village of Doylestown Building Department. Wayne County will now process the following permits, as well as inspections for such permits: BUILDING, HVAC, ELECTRICAL. Effective this same date, the Wayne County Health Department will be issuing PLUMBING permits as well as inspections for this permit.


1. Prior to obtaining any of the above listed permits, a Zoning Permit must be issued by the Village of Doylestown. In order to receive a Zoning Permit, you must first fill out a ZONING CERTIFICATE REQUEST FORM, which is available by clicking on the link to the left and also are available at Village Hall.  Along with the Zoning Certificate of Request, You must submit two (2) sets of your plot plan showing the dimensions of the lot, street designations and North location. Show the exact placement of all buildings, existing and proposed with distance from the lot lines and other existing buildings; and one (1) set of your building plants, needed to determine square footage minimums and elevation limits. Once these items are submitted to the Zoning Inspector, a Zoning Permit can be issued.

2. A Right of Way Permit application must also be submitted and a ROW permit issued if needed.

3. For NEW CONSTRUCTION; Tap-in fees must be paid in full at the Doylestown Water Department and a Tap In Permit issued. Here you will receive your new address. A ZONING PERMIT WILL NOT BE ISSUED FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION UNTIL ALL WATER TAP IN FEES ARE PAID AND A PERMIT IS ISSUED. A copy of the permit must also be submitted to the Zoning Inspector to receive a zoning permit. A Right of Way Permit will also be needed for new construction. 
4. CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION/LICENSING: All contractors are required to register and obtain a license from the Village of Doylestown. You will need to submit proof of current comprehensive general liability insurance coverage, proof of a current Ohio Worker's Compensation Certificate when required by Ohio Law, proof of compliance with State or Federal licensing requirements. You will also have to complete the Business Registration Form annually.  Click here for the form and instructions.  Annual Fee is $100.00.


The Wayne County Building Department will not issue any permits without a copy of a Village of Doylestown Zoning Certificate.  You must provide your

zoning permit

from the Village of Doylestown to pull any permits from the County. They are located at 428 West Liberty Street, Wooster, Ohio 44691. Their telephone number is 330-287-5525.

Plumbing permits are issued by the Wayne County Health Department located on the lower level 428 West Liberty Street, Wooster Ohio 44691. Their phone number is 330-264-2426.

Wayne County Building Department forms and requirements are available online.